National News

Trump vows to use military, police shot

At least five US police officers have been hit by gunfire during violent protests over the death of a black man in police custody, hours after President Donald Trump vowed to use the military to halt the unrest.

NSW public servants' pay freeze rejected

The NSW Upper House has reversed the state government's controversial 12-month pay freeze for public servants as the state government vows to pursue the policy through the Industrial Relations Commission.

Qld child safety dept 'failed' Mason Lee

Had any of the Queensland child safety officers tasked with looking after an abused toddler done their job in the weeks before his horrific death, he may still be alive, a coroner says.

Sixteen shipping containers found in NSW

Sixteen of the 50 shipping containers lost off the APL England in heavy seas almost 10 days ago have been recovered, but NSW authorities admit with most still missing "we have a big job ahead of us".

Gyms, local sport return timetabled in NSW

Gyms, dance studios and other physical fitness centres in NSW will reopen within a fortnight after being closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, while children's community sport will return next month.